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Bitcoin Mining on Seneca Lake is setting dangerous precedent

Join the effort to pause cryptocurrency mining in NYS pending assessments

Quick overview


Join the fight to pass bill A7389 and A7768 to effectively place a pause on bitcoin mining in NYS ---currently allowed without an Environmental Impact Assessment. 


The pilot program operating out of the Greenidge Facility in Dresden is pulling 139 million gallons of water A DAY out of Seneca Lake and dumping it back into the lake at 108 degrees F.  There is no regulation of the operation because the plant creates the energy it uses, also known as "behind the meter."  As such, they are able to evade the CLCPA requirement that by 2030 70% of grid electricity must be from renewable sources.


And you read that right: this is the pilot program.  If allowed to operate in this manner without a hitch, not only are the Finger Lakes threatened, but the 30 other potential sites around NYS that have been identified as options for other cryptocurrency operations will be sure to follow.

Take action now!

Seneca Lake Guardian has provided the following action sheet with simple steps for every person can take to speak up: What you can do RIGHT NOW (opens a doc with links to letters to sign and actions to take).

Additional resources: 



  • More background from Seneca Lake Guardian:

"If you have not already learned about current cryptocurrency mining in the Finger Lakes and its serious threat to the health and vibrancy of our region and its agri-tourism industry, we urge you to register for these upcoming webinars to learn more. And please, share this widely with your networks and contacts.


Here is a very basic fact sheet about Bitcoin mining

In the sheet above, you'll notice that there is statewide legislation being considered this session on Bitcoin. Also, there is a link to a letter from Earthjustice and the Sierra Club to the DEC warning that there are potentially 30 other power plants in NY that could become future Bitcoin facilities. 


Here is another article that may be of interest: 
Why Bitcoin is Bad for the Environment


Seneca Lake Guardian is working diligently to amplify the climate and water busting impacts of this relatively new, little understood industry as it aggressively expands across the state of New York and beyond. Currently, there is no state or federal regulation on Bitcoin mining, and it has found a loophole by operating "behind the meter" that completely evades NY's CLCPA, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


This matters to anyone who relies on clean air and water for the success of their business." 

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