Food Waste Diversion & Composting
This is a CFG Subcommittee - contact us to join!

Join a team of people committed to:


  • Diverting all local and NYC food waste from entering the High Acres Landfill.

  • Providing large scale, cost effective composting options to all Perinton residents and local businesses.

  • Finding ways to process all food waste locally. 

  • Giving Perinton residents easy access to the soil enriching compost created.

  • Encouraging the Town of Perinton and Village of Fairport to satisfy their obligation to support these efforts.

  • Educating the community on ways to reduce food waste.

This work will involve engaging with stakeholders and community leaders, identifying potential funding, and creating a pilot program proposal for presentation to the Town Board. We need people who are effective communicators, may have grant writing experience, and/or are passionate about reducing food waste and eliminating all organics from our landfill.

How does composting to reduce household food waste help with climate change? 

Less food waste in the trash means less methane in the atmosphere. ​Organic waste in landfills generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By composting wasted food and other organics instead of putting them in the trash, these methane emissions are significantly reduced.

Learn more about the importance of composting

We believe in proposing solutions that are informed, based in science, and minimize negative impacts while maximizing positive impacts. In proposing municipal composting for Fairport and Perinton, here are some resources we think will help our community understand and feel confident that municipal composting is important!


This section is always evolving. Please let us know if you have more resources to share.

An early CFG effort to encourage local leaders to consider municipal composting:

On February 1, 2021, we asked for your emails, phone calls and post cards to convince our elected officials that we need municipal composting. We set a goal of 51 communiques; 1 for every year since the first Earth Day. And holy smokes-did you deliver! Altogether, Color Fairport Green communicated with our elected officials 78 separate times! SEVENTY-EIGHT!  

The Village Board heard us loud and clear and invited Robert Putney from Impact Earth to begin the discussion on options for Fairport. Town Supervisor Hanna attended this presentation, as well.  
This was an excellent first push and we couldn't have done it without you!


Please keep this conversation going with your friends and neighbors. Any changes the local governments try to make will only work with understanding and support of the residents. We need to keep educating.


And if you missed the deadline to reach out to your elected officials through the February campaign, don't worry: their doors are always open!  Please call or email them at any time to share your thoughts. 


We've got this though, right? Our communications campaign showed us how much more we can achieve collectively than each of us can do alone. Just imagine the Fairport/Perinton we will build!