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Healthy Yards & Landscapes Committee

This team is very active and has coordinated several educational and hands-on events.

Contact us to get involved with this team!

Join a team of residents of Fairport & Perinton that is committed to:

  • sustainable and regenerative use of residential and municipally-owned greenspaces

  • educating residents and lobbying for policy change to effect:

    • ​drastic reduction in pesticide use

    • encouraging pollinators and connecting pollinator pathways

    • encouraging planting native species 

    • removal of invasive species of plants


This work will involve thinking of creative ways to engage members of the community in more sustainable use of yards and residential greenspaces while also engaging elected officials to enact policy that promotes sustainable use of municipal greenspaces. We will focus on the connectivity of our community’s ecological system.

Contact us to join this committee!

Healthy Yards Resources:

  • Podcast from a local host (Evan Dawson) about a book written by a local author (Dr. Ray Dorsey, from URMC) on the connection between pesticide use and Parkinson’s Disease  - Ending Parkinson's Disease: A Prescription for Action

  • The Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) webpage is a wealth of resources on invasive species, including resources for learning (written and video) and volunteer opportunities

  • Homegrown National Park - the organization centered around the work of Douglas Tallamy. This site describes the importance of supporting native species and has extensive resources (like websites to find native plants) as well as his books and helpful videos.

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We're part of a larger conversation about yard health and local ecosystems

We're joining Healthy Yards Monroe County in an effort to create pollinator pathways through restoring the  biodiversity and health of the ecosystems in our yards.

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