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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Color Fairport Green only for people living in the Village of Fairport? 

    Color Fairport Green brings enthusiastic neighbors together from Fairport AND Perinton - and some from even farther away. We work on issues that are important to us, whether they’re local, regional, or global in their impact.  Color Fairport Green networks with other Color Your Community Green groups across Monroe county to share best practices, discuss new ideas, and partner together where appropriate.  We have lobbied with Color Penfield Green, tabled with Color Pittsford Green, and swapped ideas about composting with Color Henrietta Green.


  2. So, wait - why aren’t you called "Color Perinton Green"? 

    Great question!  There are a lot of reasons! The simplest is that almost everyone in Perinton receives mail addressed to them at Fairport, 14450.  As a result, many of us describe home as “Fairport” and many of us send our children and grandchildren to school in the Fairport Central School District.  We also do a lot of communicating with other Color Your Community Green groups and it sets Fairport apart from Pittsford and Penfield’s CPG if we are CFG.


  3. Who funds your work?

    We do not receive funding from any entity. All operating costs have come out of our pockets, so far.


  4. Do you accept donations?

    If you’d like to support our work financially, please contact us.


  5. Are you a local government office at the Village or Town?

    No - actually, we’re just a group of people, coming together in recognition that everyone needs to take more responsibility over their negative impacts on the environment, including elected leaders.  Our meetings are open to everyone and we’ve been happy to welcome Village of Fairport elected officials and Town of Perinton elected officials to our meetings and events in the past.


  6. Is CFG a non-profit organization?

    Yes! As of spring 2024, CFG is an official 501(c)(3). 🥳 More on this exciting update, soon!


  7. How do you decide which issues to work on? 

    Our ideas are generated primarily from passionate members of our community and sometimes from efforts organized by other Color Your Community Green groups.


  8. Who can be a part of Color Fairport Green?  

    We are inclusive; we welcome anyone from anywhere who shares our commitment to being good stewards of the earth.  We actively seek to engage with other organizations, so if you are currently part of such an organization, reach out to us and let’s do this together!


  9. How much of a time commitment do you expect of volunteers? 

    As much as you’re able to give. Maybe all you can do is read a few emails, or keep up with Facebook posts. Maybe you can come to the monthly meetings. Maybe you are ready to take a leadership role or organize an event. It’s up to you. We need it all!


  10. Do you record meetings, or share what others say?

    No, we typically do not record meetings. Any information we gather on anyone who participates in our activities will never be sold or given away. Our meetings are a safe place to have honest discussions about potentially sensitive topics like climate anxiety.

    We hold each other to the following meeting norms:

  • Listen actively and do not interrupt when someone is speaking

  • “Three before me”

  • Assume best intentions, but be mindful of impact

  • Instead of judging, seek to understand

  • Avoid jargon and welcome clarifying questions

  • Ask yourself, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be effective?”

  • Call out problematic behaviors, ideas, and systems, instead of demonizing individual people or groups of people

  • Keep it nonpartisan


11. How can I get involved?


Join us for a meeting or just reach out to us!


We are always happy to connect with new people who share our passion and concerns about climate change. None of us is an expert, and you don’t need to be one either! Come as you are, with your unique gifts and talents.  Please join us!

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