Speak Up for Climate Action in Monroe County

An opportunity to take meaningful action in our local community

Right now, community members in the Rochester area are mobilizing to express support for specific improvements to Monroe County's approach to climate change.


We're asking for:

1) Composting facilities to be built within the county

2) Staff dedicated to implementing the county Climate Action Plan

3) A budget line for community-level climate work


How to help: Show up, speak up, share!

Join us at County meetings, send messages, or call your elected officials. 


Here's how! The button below opens a helpful guide (PDF)  with details on how to show up / speak up, sample messages, and ways to brag about how you took action!

Please share your support with your friends and networks

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This effort is a collaboration between several 'Color Your Community Green' groups,
but was spearheaded by two board members of Color Fairport Green.