Our work

These groups within CFG work on specific initiatives and are always happy to welcome new members.

Check our calendar to see when these groups meet. Contact us for more information about joining.

Food Waste Diversion
& Composting

The Food Waste Diversion & Composting committee is working to prevent local food waste from entering the landfill and supporting the establishment of large scale composting options for all Perinton residents and businesses. 

Sustainability in
our Schools

Our work with the Fairport Central School District continues through encouraging sustainable practices (dishwashers, compost, electric vehicles, etc.) and advocating for science-based climate education. 

Healthy Yards & Landscapes

This group will collaborate with Color Pittsford Green to engage members of our community in more sustainable and responsible use of yards and residential greenspaces in order to restore and protect biodiversity. 

Campaigns & Collaborations

Community-building activities initiated or supported by Color Fairport Green

Denim Recycling Drive

A collaboration with Cotton Inc.'s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program, May 1-31, 2021


Stay tuned for our next collaboration!