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Plant native to restore pollinator pathways 
with Healthy Yards Monroe County

Create high quality pollinator habitats in your own yard with native species

Color Fairport Green joins Healthy Yards Monroe County

CFG is excited to announce we’ll be taking part in Healthy Yards Monroe County with our neighbors in Color Penfield Green and Color Pittsford Green! More pollinators, fewer pesticides, healthier soil, beautiful colors, and a greater appreciation for our native ecosystems - it’s a local effort that can connect us to the land and to each other.

The goal of the program is to create pollinator pathways between yards by maximizing planting of diverse native plants - those that feed the bugs that feed the birds - and the whole rest of the food web.

Step 1: Get to Work in Your Yard! 

To begin, head to Healthy Yards Monroe County for detailed guidelines about what you should do in your yard to maximize its friendliness to pollinators. You'll find links to help you identify which plants are right for your yard and how to eliminate invasive species. (Weeds are plants that we think aren’t in the right place. Invasives are plants that are not native to our ecosystem and can harm the environment they move into.) There are helpful tips and resources that even the most seasoned gardeners can appreciate.

You might find that you already have some native species growing in your yard - it all makes a difference! Having more pollinator-friendly yards contributes to a more sustainable and connected habitat for wildlife. 

Check out the Native Plant Finder tool that helps you search by zipcode!

Step 2: Register Your Yard  


Once you're satisfied that your yard meets the criteria set forth by the program guidelines, register your yard so we can add it to the map and track overall progress throughout the Monroe County. Our goal is to have as many yards as possible so that pollinators can migrate from one healthy yard to the next with ease. (Perinton is ideally suited to this commitment as there are many green spaces throughout our community set aside as "natural.")

Feeling like climate change is too big for you alone to deal with?  Then this might be just the project for you.  Make it the right size to fit the time, space, and attention you have available.  As you dig into this, you'll find resources on why native species are so much easier to grow and are more beneficial to pollinators and other wildlife native to our region.  


You take pride in your yard and your Town. Nourish and plant native plants, and let’s see how many beautiful butterflies and song birds we can convince that Perinton is a great place for them to live too. We can do this - TOGETHER.

Create pollinator pathways
Preserve biodiversity
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