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Supporting Sustainability in our Schools

This team is committed to fostering healthy relationships with the Fairport Central School District

Fairport Central School District Board Approved Sustainability Committee 


 What have we done so far:

  • Created a presentation outlining the importance of Sustainability in education and in practice within the Fairport Central School District

  • Requested a Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Action Plan for our school district

  • Received approval for a Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Action Plan for the Fairport Central School District


What we are working on now:


  • The Sustainability Committee (made up of parents, teachers, and students) began meeting a couple times a month with The Deputy Superintendent for School Improvement and Community Engagement along with a member of the school board.


  • Conversations have begun surrounding food waste, lunch trays, composting, education and gardens in the schools.


  • The Board of Education has added a Sustainability mission to their goals and is working to keep Sustainability at the forefront of decisions for the district going forward.


  • The Sustainability Committee is working on a mission statement and a recruitment pitch to get more students, staff, and parents involved in this committee.  Look for information coming out from the district soon!

Students on committee

May 18, 2021

School Board Questions

CFG board members offered the BOE candidates an opportunity to let us know their thoughts on various environmental and sustainability topics. We received replies from two candidates, which are available to view in our Facebook group.

Our schools are at the heart of our work


Before Color Fairport Green had a formal name or was connected with the larger Color Your Community Green initiative, this group was established as a way for parents and Fairport citizens to collaborate and bring environmental awareness to the schools in our area.

  • We met with almost all of the school administrators to ask both how we might be of service, and that the district specifically add a focus on the environment in the classroom and in their administration.


  • We organized volunteers at the Minerva Deland School to collect returnable bottles and redeem them for a fund that benefits the students.

  • We met with the Fairport High School Green Team to open the door to future collaborations.




  • We compiled a list of questions from the community to pose to the candidates for the Board of Education vacancies ahead of the May 18th, 2021 vote.


As CFG grows and the scope of our work increases, we remain committed to fostering healthy relationships with the Fairport Central School District. Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage with our school district on sustainable practices and policies. Contact us to join this committee!

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