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Color Fairport Green is a grassroots network of local volunteer environmental activists working toward a sustainable future in the Village of Fairport, the Town of Perinton,
and the
surrounding community.

Color Fairport Green is a volunteer organization.

The work we are able to do depends on the experience, generosity, and commitment
of the community members who volunteer their time and energy with us.

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A few highlights this season

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Next meeting - 5/15 @7:00pm

CFG Book Club

Book 4 is Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservations That Starts in Your Yard
by Doug Tallamy

Contact us to be added
to our book club coordinator's
email list and
get meeting details.



Speak Up for Climate Action
in Monroe County!

Join the campaign to tell our elected leaders in the Monroe County Legislature that 1) composting facilities are needed NOW, 2) we need experienced staff members to implement the CAP, and 3) budget is needed for action above and beyond current work.

Learn more about how you can raise your voice in support of these steps.



Monthly CFG Meetings

The best way to get involved is to come to our meetings with your ideas, concerns, and desire to make a difference. We'll help you get connected with current initiatives or people who can support your ideas. 


We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Please contact us to ask for meeting details, agenda, or access.

Calendar and Contact info

Find what interests you and get involved

Take part in efforts to Preserve/Restore Biodiversity & Ecosystems
with our Healthy Yards & Landscapes team


Learn more about Color Fairport Green's Healthy Yards & Landscapes Committee 

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Read about our UNINVITED documentary watch party & get Invasive Species info

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Parkinson's, Pesticides, and Policy:

Event recap & more info


A hands-on activity and learning experience - a joint effort with FCSD!


A county-wide collaboration to restore and preserve the health of our local ecosystems 


A national effort - that starts in your own back yard. Tons of resources!

Get involved in reducing emissions from decomposing organic waste
with our Food Waste Diversion & Composting committee


Sign the petition to add composting facilities within Monroe County


Our Food Waste Diversion & Composting team created a guide that helps dispel common myths about composting


The Village has been running a municipal composting pilot with great success!

Help out with climate science education & outreach
with our Sustainable Schools partnership and our volunteer network


Learn about our relationship with the Fairport Central School District


CYCG is a grassroots network of volunteers with the Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region

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Let us know if you enjoy tabling or social media outreach. Join us!

Not sure where to start? Contact us.
We'll get you connected with our vibrant community of dedicated volunteers:


Color Fairport Green runs on 100% volunteer power

Members of our community work on a wide range of climate-related issues.

We are part of a large network of volunteer climate activist groups in the greater Rochester area and beyond.

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CFG on Instagram
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