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Join us for a screening & discussion of the film

The Spread of Invasive Species

March 12th @1-3pm

Mountain Rise Church

2 Mountain Rise, Fairport, NY 14450


An invasive species is "a species that is non-native to the ecosystem and whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm, or harm to human health"
(defined by USDA Dept of Agriculture National Invasive Species Information Center)

The UNINVITED documentary introduces the concept of invasive species and highlights some of the species threatening New York's environment and economy, while also showing some innovative ways that New York State is combatting these threats. After watching the film, experts Matt Gallo of Finger Lakes PRISM and Brian Eshenaur of Cornell Cooperative Extension will lead discussion and answer questions about the film, their work, and what individuals can do about invasives. 


We've also invited local garden centers to share with you their native offerings and invasive removal services and we'll be welcoming our friends, electeds, and area wineries for 2 hours of learning, planning, and socializing.

If we all consciously steward the land we're responsible for, our individual actions can collectively keep invasive species in check.


One lucky attendee

will go home with a signed copy of

Doug Tallamy's book,

Nature's Best Hope !

Let's come together to deepen our understanding, make connections, and make a difference!


Please reserve your spot for this *in-person* gathering on our RSVP form.


More details and resources below.


Reserve your spot for this opportunity to learn from local experts -- and make connections with like-minded folks in the process! 


with Color Fairport Green

Saturday, March 12th from 1:00-3:00pm
2 Mountain Rise, Fairport NY 14450

(This event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.)

Details and Q&A


Additional Resources


Learn about the

Spotted Lanternfly

and the threat it poses to our local environment from Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 


Preview (or re-watch) the documentary anytime!

on YouTube


provided to all for free
by the NYSDEC


Explore the

Homegrown National Park Movement

a grassroots call-to-action to regenerate biodiversity and ecosystem function by planting native plants and creating new ecological networks.


Learn about
Color Fairport Green's

Healthy Yards & Landscapes committee

who coordinated this event


Learn about

NY iMapInvasives

an online, collaborative, GIS-based database and mapping tool that serves as the official invasive species database for New York State


Learn more about 

Doug Tallamy &
Nature's Best Hope

Tallamy shows how homeowners everywhere can turn their yards into conservation corridors that provide wildlife habitats

Who should attend? 

Everyone! We are excited to have this opportunity to educate ourselves about what's happening in New York State (and even right here in Perinton & Fairport) so that we are equipped to join the efforts of those who are already working on managing the broader issue.


For instance, right now, in New York State:

•    The wooly adelgid threatens NY's beautiful hemlock trees (...if we do nothing)
•    Japanese knotweed can take over scenic waterways (...if we do nothing)
•    The spotted lanternfly has the potential to devastate our vineyards (...if we do nothing)


But - what can *I* really do about it? (This seems overwhelming...) 

Any environmental issue is too much for anyone to take on alone! We believe that by learning together we can lighten the burden.  


The UNINVITED  film is a beautifully-made introduction to the issues - and the steps we can take to join in the work to stop the spread of invasive species. And after we watch it together (it's less than an hour long), we’ll have quality time with two experts in this field. They’ll lead a follow-up discussion, go into more detail about the innovative ways that people in NY are working to combat this problem, and answer all of our questions about what we can do in our daily lives to stay aware and be helpful. 

Will I have to commit to taking action?  


There are no obligations, sign-ups, requested donations, or anything of the sort involved, but we do hope you gain a better understanding of the issue and how to connect with local organizations that already focus on invasives. Our goal is to bring people together to learn from the documentary and our guest experts - and provide connections and resources for those who are ready to dig in deeper. 

Come & learn with us!  Make connections & leave feeling empowered to make a difference.

Please RSVP above to reserve your spot for what promises to be an enlightening afternoon. It is our hope that you’ll leave feeling informed, inspired, and connected to people and resources to help guide you on whatever path makes sense for you going forward. 

Learn. Sit back and enjoy a beautifully made documentary.
Chat. Want to know more? We've got experts ready to answer your questions. 
Sip. Local wineries will offer tastings (vineyards are threatened by invasive insects!).
Win! A few lucky attendees will leave with native seeds, garden tools, or even a signed copy of bestselling author Doug Tallamy's new book Nature's Best Hope!

Let's do this! We can't wait to see you & learn with you.

- Color Fairport Green volunteers 


The Uninvited film features the collaborative work of  the NYSDEC and its partners including NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, the eight Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs), New York State Invasive Species Research Institute (NYISRI), and more.

Color Fairport Green is a volunteer organization.

Our work relies on the concerns, experience, generosity, and commitment of the community members who want to be involved. If you're not sure where you "fit" - please reach out to us


There's plenty to do. We need you!

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