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Contact your elected officials

Policymakers at the Village of Fairport and the Town of Perinton are listening.

Make your voice heard!

Village of Fairport

Village of Fairport 

Village Board 

  • Monthly meeting: 2nd Monday

  • Work Session: 4th Tuesday

  • Meeting location: Village Hall (31 S. Main)/Zoom


Town of Perinton

Town of Perinton

Town Board 

Town Supervisor

Monroe County

Monroe County

My County Legislators

  • Sean Delehanty (R) 

  • 585-753-1922

  • Legislative District #: 11 – Village of Fairport, parts of Perinton


NYS seal
New York State

Governor Andrew Cuomo
(518) 474-8390 [Press 1]

My State Senator

My State Assembly

US Congress

My Member of Congress

  • Joe Morelle

  • 585-232-4850

  • District #: 25

My Senators

  • Chuck Schumer (202) 224-6542

  • Kirsten Gillibrand (202) 224-4451
The White House


Joseph R. Biden, Jr.


Vice President

Kamala D. Harris

More voter information

You can verify who represents you and get much more information about voting and registration status at any time by using:


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